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Welcome to Tomb Raider Empire...


99% of declined deviations is due to SUBMITTING TO THE WRONG FOLDER!
Before you submit, you MUST see this

”For every reason you have to give up and quit I have a reason to win. For every reason you have to stay on the ground after being pushed I have a reason to stand up and kick the one who pushed me.”

How often do you save your game while playing the classic TR? 

73 deviants said Autosave got nothing on me, every 3 minutes for sure! :la:
23 deviants said Once or twice per level :shrug:
9 deviants said I actually forget to do it and then tear my hair out in need to start all over :noes:

Did you know?

:bulletgreen: Lara Croft is in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful human video game heroine.

:bulletpurple: When the original idea for the first Tomb Raider was formed Lara was an optional second choice character who would be selectable at the start of the adventure as an alternative to the original hairy-chested male character.

:bulletgreen: Lara’s signature pony tail was introduced due to the difficulty of rendering a full head of hair in-game.

:bulletpurple: Lara’s huge belt is used to cover up a point in the model where the polygons moved against each other. Without the belt it tended to glitch and look horrible.

:bulletgreen: Initially dubbed as Laura Cruz, the game’s protagonist was a South American woman with mercenary background. Name “Croft” came from a phone book. Several names were chosen from the book and put on a vote, “Lara Croft” took first place.

:bulletpurple: Sony PlayStation originally rejected the early versions of Tomb Raider asking for “more materials and a better game”. Today many analysts agree that Tomb Raider was significantly responsible for the initial success of the PlayStation platform.

:bulletgreen: The work on the original Tomb Raider game took 18 months and was developed by 6 people.

:bulletpurple: The front of the Derby Studios building where Core Design worked on the game was later used as the front of Croft Manor.

:bulletgreen: If you took all the copies of Tomb Raider that were sold and would pile them one on top of the other you would get a building 27 times higher that the Eiffel Tower.

:bulletpurple: Lady Croft got on the covers of 249 magazines (the number is according to year 2007 statistics).

Rules of the Lady of the house

:bulletgreen:WHAT CAN I SUBMIT?

How and where do I submit?

- To submit a deviation click on „contribute art“ and then in the drop-down menu pick the appropriate folder.

Or visit our gallery and click on the plus (+) next to the folder to add to it.

– Here's a blog to our FOLDERS description and if you have any questions feel free to ask us!

Which is the submission limit?

- Our group is now quite big and we get a bunch of submissions on a daily basis. To prevent flooding in your inboxes the submission limit is now ONE deviation per week!.
Now be extra careful about where you submit because if you choose the wrong folder you will have to wait for a full week to submit again!!

:bulletpink: NUDITY ISSUE :bulletpink:

-Here is a link to our Mature Folder. For more information about the nudity issue read this blog

:bulletred:WHAT CAN'T I SUBMIT?

- Photomanipulations which are based on copyrighted images. For more information and exceptions about this rule please read THIS

- Works in progress (WIPs) if the progress is so little that you practically can't see what the picture is about. Present us only your finest works that you want others to see (like tutorials, walkthroughs and similar)

- Unrealistic/disproportionate features - stylization is great, but keep a tasteful boundary. Art depicting enormous flying breasts will be declined. This rule applies to the Mature Folder as well!


- XNALara works that:

:bulletyellow: Contain mods which have nothing to do with Tomb Raider or even go against its nature (E.g. blonde hair, lacy stockings, outfits from other games, etc.) Using a TRU morph for a render doesn't automatically make it TR related.

:bulletyellow: Don't show time and effort from the artist. Anyone can create an image just by using a few clicks and call it a day. Make sure your pictures have a good concept, background, pose – anything that makes it interesting and appealing to the viewer.

:bulletyellow: We do not accept models as separate downloadable items, they need to be used in a render.


- Poor documentation – meaning bad scans and photos of your drawings, doodles on lined paper, etc.

- Submitting to the wrong folder – if you accidentally submit to the wrong folder, please withdraw the deviation and submit to the correct folder. Otherwise we will decline your submission. Please note that such folders as Digital, Traditional and Comics have subfolders. You submit to one of the subfolders only, not to the main ones.

- Few versions of one and the same artwork. Please choose the one you like the best and submit it to the group. You are allowed to submit outlines and the colored work separately though.

The best places to be raided on the net!




Treasure Vault




ROTTR - Steam, Windows 10 and PS4 release date!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 23, 2015, 11:55 PM
Skin by pjuk

You heard it right, raiders! We finally know when we'll be able to play the new Rise of the Tomb Raider in case we don't own an Xbox console. Although it's been well known that the exclusive release would be timed, we were suspicious and worried about whether we'll get to play on PC or PS at all!

No worries anymore, Square Enix announced the approximate release date for the game. As Rise of the Tomb Raider is premiering on Xbox One and Xbox 360 first on November 10, 2015, it will take a year for the timed exclusive to end and the game will be released on PS4 around that time in 2016, and it will come to Steam and Windows 10 even earlier - in early 2016.

Apart from eventual spoiler-dodging we'll have to deal with, it doesn't seem such long a wait. We may still hold our grudge for the unfairness of this deal, but now we know we're surely getting to play the newest game of our fav franchise and when! What are your thoughts and feelings about this?

You can read the full blog post by Tomb Raider here:…

More Journal Entries

Famous Tomb Raider Artists here, on dA

Toby Gard is an English computer game character designer and consultant famous for creating iconic video game character Lara Croft. Originally employed at Core Design, Toby designed the original Tomb Raider video game released in 1995 along with the character Lara Croft. His work on the game included building and animating most of the game's characters (including Lara), animating the in-game cutscenes, storyboarding the FMVs, and managing the level designers.

Andy Park is a famous comic book artist, illustrator and conceptual artist working in the entertainment industry over 14 years. He’s collaborated with such famous studios as Dreamworks, Lucasart, EA, Activision and many more. Andy was pencil artist of Tomb Raider comic books from issue #1 till #20 (1999-2001). The visual image of Lara he has created remains the most favourite one among fans. Andy became a huge inspiration for many people and when looking at TR fanart the most common phrase to read is “Inspired by Andy Park style”.

Adam Hughes is an American comic book artist who has worked for companies such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. He is most commonly known for his stylized renderings of women, super heroines, damsels in distress, figures in fantasy. Adam provided cover art on Tomb Raider from Top Cow Comics.

Joe Jusko is an American artist known for his realistic, highly detailed painted fantasy, pin-up, and cover illustrations, mainly in the comic book industry. Jusko painted the 1992 Marvel Masterpieces trading cards, the popularity of which has been credited with initiating the painted trading card boom of the 1990s. His fully painted graphic novel Tomb Raider: The Greatest Treasure of All won a Certificate of Merit from the Society of Illustrators.

Randy Green worked for several advertising agencies as an Artist/Art Director while dabbling in comics on the side. During this period he mostly collaborated with Dark Horse and Image before pursuing comic book art full-time and producing content for Marvel, DC Comics, and others. Top Cow’s Witchblade was Randy’s first extended run on a title and opened the doors to many other opportunities, including contributions to Tomb Raider and a creator-owned title – Dollz – which he hopes to return to in the future.



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