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December 7, 2012


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Exciting news, dear raiders! Exactly one year ago this group has been brought to life and today we celebrate our very first annivesary! This year was very eventful and we hit quite a few milestones including this one! Read on because it's time to get nostalgic, and even better, time for presents!


Why is this important for us and what have we accomplished with your help? :heart:

:bulletgreen: Thanks to our awesome members and your responsiveness we managed to hit 2000+ members in less than just a year. Thank you so much for that, you guys are really amazing :aww:

:bulletpink: We launched our special „Challenge games“ project which started only as a test idea and you seemed to have loved it – we had 2 games so far ( I, II) so if you hadn't yet participated in them be sure to do so in our next one which is underway!

:bulletgreen:We tried to collect  and share rare and interesting things regarding Tomb Raider and therefore we created a special “Treasure Vault” (check the front page to find it). So far we unlocked 3 secrets for you and don’t worry - we haven’t forgotten about the 4th one. Keep an eye out for it, we just might reveal it very soon ;)

:bulletpink:  Something that we’re really proud of since a lot of time and effort was put into it - our very first art contest! We were truly touched by the great response that it got and once again we want to thank you guys for being so enthusiastic about it. Keep an eye out for the next one!

:bulletgreen: Launched our YouTube Channel administrated by our dearest admin Orphen5 who always makes sure to deliever the latest and most interesting TR videos so make sure to subscribe and be the first to take a look at all the exciting raider videos!  

:bulletpink: The last but not the least is another great event which is extremely important given that  dA is an art community in the first place. During this year we successfully suggested 8 Daily Deviations helping the talented artists of our community to get more exposure :heart:

Lara Croft 1 by RoyStanton Tomb Raider- Discovery by JennCroft Lara Croft statue by lussybussy Lara Croft in the jungle by Lena-Lara Legend Lara Croft - studio2 by TanyaCroft Mjollnir from Tomb Raider by Dj3r0m Tomb Raider by Jeffach TRU_The Glove of Gods by TholiaArt

And now as promised – it's presents time! Many of you took part in our group’s projects, but there are some of you who have been especially supportive and active during this year.  We truly appreciate your support, you gave us your love and it’s time to give some of it back. As a thank you for being such loyal and supportive raiders we want to award a certain circle of members for their especially active participation in the group’s life and great response to all the projects and updates we made. Each of the following people will be awarded with 50 points and a feature. Thank you so much, keep on being so amazing!

:iconisa-love-anime: :iconmeldelen: :iconbecken95: :iconplasticfrogcg: :iconsariruoskanen: :iconlaraluvsme: :iconilovesilenthill: :iconfishbone76: :iconjenncroft: :iconphotolight: :iconforty-fathoms:

And also, a special thanks to :icontrgamer8: for her great help in finding and submitting so many amazing TR pieces to our galleries! (Hvala, Andrea!) :blowkiss:

Crazy Coaster Ride :collab: by Isa-Love-Anime Of Light And Darkness by Meldelen An industrial world by Becken95 I have you by sariruoskanen Simple Tropic Getaway by PlasticFrogCG XNALara: Lara's Soft Landing Pose-Jungle View by LaraLuvsMe The Angel Of Darkness. by ilovesilenthill back in egypt by fishbone76 Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Beach 1 by JennCroft Beneath the Surface by photolight Forever Young? - Revamped by Forty-Fathoms

But, there’s more!  Every member of the group now has a chance to get a premium membership and enjoy the delights of the subscription for 3 whole months!

:bulletred:  How to make that happen? Get nostalgic! We want you to get back in time and remember the day when you became a fan of Tomb Raider! Add this blog to your favourites and leave a comment telling us your story :+favlove: + :note: , telling when and why you fell for this world of ancient mysteries and adventure. If you have a collection of TR goodies you want to share, even better! Go ahead and take a photo of your collection and submit it to your scraps, or any other image hosting resource and paste the link to it in your comment!

:bulletred:   How exactly will the lucky winner be chosen?  Absolutely randomly. All of the nicknames will be collected and with the help of we will pick one member who will win the prize. All you need to do is leave a comment with your story and add the blog to your favourites! After that just hope for your luck ;) You have exactly 7 days (til 14 Dec 2012) to leave your comment.

:bulletred:   What’s the point of writing stories and sending pictures of your prized collections if the winner will be chosen randomly?   Well, we will also feature the most interesting stories for the entire community to read!

So what are you waiting for, raider? We want to hear YOUR story! :heart:
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photolight Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
I'm past the due date for this blog but I just wanted to chip in anyway.

I actually got started the first day Tomb Raider 1 came on Playstation 1, However I didn't actually own it at that time; a friend that got it the day it came out brought it over and I started playing it non-stop they saw that I was liking it soo much that they decided to just let me borrow it even though they had just gotten it. I played the game non-stop and right when I got to the last boss they brought their little brother over and as I was fighting the boss they took out the disc and broke it :cries: That was absolutely ridiculous :faint: I didn't have a job back then I was 11; So I started working for anyone that needed some help getting money but it took me a year to finally get the money :laughing: and then Tomb Raider 2 was about to come out and I was like :omg: must have. So I ended up getting that one instead I freak'in loved the boat part and the quads, and the snowmobile :la: Anyway I beat I beat that one pretty fast (it's what happens when your addicted :lol:) Then I saved up and got the 3rd game, Yep still hadn't beat the first.. and went through that one, after that I think that is when I got Tomb Raider 1 gold edition and finally beat it! :la: Then since then I also played Tomb Raider 4 on playstation but after that I started to get them on PC because I saw people were making levels and outfits and :la: So since then I have been getting them on PC owned and beat all of them so far! Including many user created levels!

Asides from the games I also was collecting every freak'in picture or drawing I found online of her clothed or not :lol: I was obsessed! Then a tragedy happened.. to my hard drive and I lost it all! All the pictures and movies I had gotten of her :cries: That was a devastating blow to me. :cries:

So that really left me sad so I stopped collecting photos and drawings for a long while but I picked up all the Tomb Raider novels and comic books! pretty confident I have them all, and not only do I have them all separately; I also have the compendium edition which is missing some but still cool :)
I also have some figures of her and did a resin build and paint of her. I wish I could get more of the figures but I'm poor :( I would also love love love to have a life size statue of her like they had at the stores! I've also collected the Giant Art of Tomb Raider coffee book, but the corner of the outer box got damaged in the mail :ohnoes: but the inside ones are still good :happybounce:
Oh I also have a bunch of the Tomb Raider card game cards and junk but only tried playing the card game once or twice.
Obviously I also have the movies!
I have begun recollecting photos and art work and cgi clips and stuff of her again.. but that hard hit to my hard drive still has me bummed out to this day because I can't find everything I had before even though I've searched high and low.

So presently I am a little disappointed that the PC version of the next game is not sold in the USA in physical form; but I'm getting it shipped from the UK :la: because I really want the PC version with all the extras; I ended up pre-ordering the Survival Edition even though I'd really like the Collectors but like I said I'm poor :( Wish I had money for sooo much more Tomb Raider collectibles makes me a bit sad that I don't have the money but I make the best of what I have :) I really would like to also have the Comic book that comes with the bestbuy pre-order.. I want it sooo bad *wah!*
Anyway keep on Raiding! ;)

Also if anyone is around USA CT and wants to model as Lara Croft for photos let me know; :eager: It'd be awesome :la:
Ilionej Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Happy anniversary!!! :party: story? Oh my god - that's long ago. I was 7 when my dad played the first game on the PS1 and we both totally fell in love with it. I think, there's not a single moment in any of the games I haven't watched him playing. I must say, I had some nightmares of the Great Wall when we were on pt2, but I "made my own level" for pt3(drew a map book of a Souther Pacific quest with all artefacts and hidden caves along the river aso, aso - all with colour pencils. XD I still have it somewhere. It's about 10 pages thick and I bound it myself even). That was also when I got obsessed with London. And I think, I still have egyptian sand in some of my old slippers. :roll: When Chronicles came out, I finally started my own "career" in the games and went for pt1. By the end of Legend I had caught up with my dad, basically because I had refused giving him any more advices. XD (he's good at solving riddles and fighting enemies, but it's mainly been me to find the things that eventually would lead to his success. >.>)
Goodies? Well, if you call the book I drew a goodie, well, I have one! ^^ And I once transformed a hand-size doll with long dark brown hair into Lara by sewing her those tiny clothes and a rucksack. My dad made the belt from a broad cable fixer. XD Must have that doll somewhere as well, but hidden in the depths of my room's jungle. I also bought myself round sunglasses because of Lara and when my mum and I went to Petra in Jordan, I wore them along with my hair in a braid and some adventurous clothes. Unfortunately she doesn't have a digital camera and my scanner died. Otherwise I would have uploaded the photos here already. :(
Anyway, the most recent event in my Tomb Raider history was when I found a deluxe edition CD of pt2 for PC in the plastic container. :excited: I checked it for damage, cleaned it, installed it on my laptop and - IT WORKS!!!! :iconlawooplz: Guess, who's in it again. XD
Billy959 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
YAY!" Happy anniversary! the Best TR group!

well,can't get into too much detail,or the post will be huge!

I started playing when I was 4! My dad brought home a demo CD of TR1 and I played the same level over and over,then he bought Tomb Raider 2(came on a game magazine) and it was my very first original copy of an Tomb Raider game and I keep it safe until today!As years passed,I was more obessed with Lara than ever! I loved her,she had all the right features! I made my whole family like her!When I got my Tomb raider 3 copy my mom,dad,and sister all gathered around to help me figure out what to do,I have so much happy memories!When AOD was announced I was jawdroped and I seriously needed to get the game as fast as I could,but it took very long until I got it,but it was worthy it and it remains on my list of favourite TR game!And finally when crystal took over and I saw the Legend version I was sure crazy!I got all the magazines about the game and I heve millions of posters! Now I can't wait for the reboot because I think this will be crystal dynamics masterpiece and will be one of the most memorable TR games EVER!
Orphen5 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you two are supposed to write your story too :iconyoukiddingmeplz:
Inna-Vjuzhanina Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You just read my mind :la: I was going to do it too... if I get time, which is unlikely :iconmingplz:
Orphen5 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
unlikely !!! :iconsurprisedcashierplz:

just a few click on your keyboard and you will be done !!

:iconyoukiddingmeplz: I'm waiting
Pencil-Stencil Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:rofl: you're so cute :huggle:

i'm afraid that my story would turn into a neverending verbal poop. but i might give it a try nonetheless :lmao:
Orphen5 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:rofl: would love to read it
Pencil-Stencil Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ohh, and i forgot to add about AoD. a pain in the ass to control, but one of the best Core games. epic :heart: i think i played it around the time when i was beating the other Core games :D
Orphen5 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:rofl: I was like ,,, what the hell is that journal in my inbox ,, that was fun to read ,, really such a sweet memories with the old TR games that pixelated lady while stay forever in our hearts :heart: , and you know what TR4 is my fave too :heart: I love that game sooo much and I also get stuck in that level when she have to jump and hold the rope and downthere ,, there is so some skeletons ,, and forget about it for a couple of months not years :XD:

what you wrote about the new game ,,GOD I couldn't say it better that is my opinion too , I said this many times I love the new game but I can't feel it as the old ones , they could have used her same bio and set this game before TRA instead of making a whole new story , I'm a loyal fan so no matter what I'm gonna love this game even though I have some takes on it ,,

are you gonna play it on PC ?
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