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Interview with the creative director of TR!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 4, 2013, 6:41 AM
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Interview with Noah by Reno
Interview with Nadine by Orphen5

Dear raiders!

We have had the honor of participating in an interview with Noah Hughes, the creative director of TR, on a Tomb Raider event in Dubai this year!

Our dear admin Ahmad ( Orphen5 ) filmed this video in cooperation with Reno ( ) who was asking Noah questions that every fan was surely wondering about. A lot has been revealed about the new game already, but here is some more info about the elements of the game that the fans (old and new) are curious about!

The video is 19 minutes long so here's just a basic transcript of the interview (if you want to hear all the additional details that the guys discussed, watch the entire thing! )

Lara is back!

This time around we are telling Lara's origin story, as most of the fans know , but part of that is trying to bring lara back to the forefront as a game property. We really wanted to do something that made people sit up and take notes and say – wow, Lara's back!

We had to make you notice the new game , it had to be different enough to stand out but at the same time the goal really is for people to come away feeling like it's a Tomb Raider game and that it's really Lara Croft delivered in a new way.

Linearity and open world

In the main story we have some important tombs, but one of the best examples of the open world is that we also have all these secret tombs that are optional for exploration. To me it's really rewarding because we wanted to create the opportunity for players to genuinely feel like they're discovering stuff. The idea of finding tombs that you don't have to complete is cool.

Old and new combined

What people will see most is sort of comebacks to the classic Tomb Raider elements. The story doesn't necessarily match the previous stories we've told but the elements that come in to play do – there are a lot of moments when the fans play and say „I recognize that“!

Consoles and downloadable content

Unfortunately I can't speak confidently about all of the downloadable stuff because I'm not informed enough.
Regarding PS3 getting the same treatment as Xbox (unlike in Underworld) - there is going to be DLC for Xbox, but the Play Station audience is an important part of the Tomb Raider heritage, same with the PC players, so we are trying our best to deliver the same game on all platforms.

Lara's appearance

Lara's design isn't based on any of our current Lara actresses – it was based on trying to re-invision the characteristics of Lara in a way that felt a little less caricaturised and exaggarated.


For the most part we will continue the story from where this one leaves off. In terms of timing, we are not sure yet if the story will be in the same time or years later.

Croft Manor

Those are exciting aspects of the game to me but we can't reveal any specifics about the elements from the previous Tomb Raider games. If you take a look at the Batman and the James Bond reboot, they are a new take on things that celebrate what you love about the old universe. We're still talking about the right ways to do that and keeping things clean so that we could start things from scratch and keep the things that people love about the Tomb Raider universe.  

Apart from that, check out Orphen5's own interview with the beautiful Nadine, the first ever Arabic voice of Lara, who will be dubbing the Arabic version of the game :) (the translation of the video is in its description):

Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget, the game release is only a month away :D Until then, happy raiding! :heart:

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